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28 – 29 June 2017

Masa Popovac

Lecturer in Psychology, University of Buckingham

Maša has experience working as a researcher at an organisation focused on violence prevention in South Africa, where she became interested in young people’s experiences of online aggression. Her PhD, completed at the University of Buckingham in 2016, focused on cyberaggression, cyberbullying and other online risk experiences such as sexting, exposure to harmful content online, and online contact with strangers. Her research explored online experiences of adolescents in the UK and South Africa as well as parents’ perceptions relating to these issues. Maša has presented her research on cyberbullying at conferences worldwide and is actively working on intervention and prevention strategies. She has successfully piloted an evidence-based online safety intervention with adolescents, and her current work centres on developing and implementing this intervention on a larger scale that would engage adolescents, parents and schools.

As a full-time lecturer in Psychology at the University of Buckingham, Maša teaches undergraduate modules in Cyberpsychology, Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology. She supervises various postgraduate projects in the department that relate to her research interests and collaborates on research with other universities both in the UK and abroad.




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